Top 4 Tips and strategies for Passing in Futsal

It is great that you have got the information of how to attack and defend from me, but the question is, what is the best way to link those two things together to truly make an unstoppable Futsal team? Well the answer would be through accurate crisp passes which can help you retain ball retention, and give the midfielders the ability to make the best decision to split open a defence through a faster reaction time than in am 11 a side game.

Passing is and can be far more difficult in Futsal game because of the accuracy and power you need, but there are also off the ball movements, which can make it easier for players to receive even average passes, so though the next 5 points in which you are about to read, can be used as a walk through for what the best passing strategies and points that can be applied when you are in a Futsal or 5 a side match:

  • Give him some good runs

This is a point that does carry importance in the game of futsal and the reason for why it is effective is because it shows how much you understand your teammates and increases your Football IQ as well. This point includes making sure that you provide a fine line from you and your teammate who has the ball, making a good run for you to receive the ball, but making it harder for defenders to read the pass. This would be more effective and helpful for both of you when the pass is further away, but it depends on the situation in which you are in when playing the match, so sometimes the best option is to come short and practice the importance of retention as well.

  • Deceive your opponents

This is another useful point to raise and kind of links back to the last one. Make sure your runs are not too obvious to your opponent. The technique that was raised in the other blog post that I created which is here if your interested. It is the fourth link down and includes going wide then cutting in to receive a pass, but is demonstrated more clearly in this picture used by the website 5 a side:

Sean Garnier Futsal Movement Tips 1Sean Garnier Futsal Movement Tips 2

Another great way of deceiving your opponent is usually through where you look and making it seem like you will pass it one way, but do the opposite through where you look. This improves your technique and helps you get use to tricking your opponents through faster reactions. This is how you should look when your trying to use where you look to deceive opponents:

  • The technical aspect

This is something that is a fairly important point that needs to be raised. The ball should not always be blasted at your teammates feet, but a firm pass is still needed in the game of Futsal. The reasons for why you need to give a good sense of balance is because of the fact that it helps to stop any chances of interception for the opposition, but shouldn’t be blasted because your teammate may not always be able to control it. The best drill that can be used to help with the technique of passing and control is in this link, for any of the people who coach Futsal teams.

  • Patience

The asset of having patience is needed mainly when your opposite team are all behind the goal and defending. Having patience is something that helps to increase your ability to keep the ball in your oppositions territory and the way to apply it is through a rule called the 5 pass rule, which simply means that anything over 5 passes, will be allowed a shot afterwards.


There are obviously a lot more points that can be raised when it comes to passing, but this mainly covers the little mental attributes that should be used when you step onto a Futsal or 5 a side pitch. This is also helpful for the forwards because it covers how you should move when you want to receive the ball in certain areas, but I do plan to cover the best tips for the Playmakers who want to improve their vision on a futsal court as well.

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