4 Physical and Mental Attributes given to you by 5 a Side Football

If you are looking for more of a cheap, efficient way of strengthening your brain and body that involves playing football, then i would recommend 5 a side.

5 a side football has become a game that is nationally and internationally worshipped by some of the masses. Throughout this article, I will be providing you with the effects that 5 a side football can have on your health and the impact it may have on your mental strength along with it.

The Physical Side

Increases a player’s ability of playing at a more intense level

Studies show that people have over 4 times more contact with a ball in their feet when compared to an full sided game with 10 outfield players, so the way in which it would affect the intensity of being on a 5 a side pitch is that the players will be more use to playing at a more explosive pace on a regular basis, helping them with not only state of their physique when playing on an intense level, but helping them to get use to making more impactful decisions in a faster paced football match, and become more dynamic when they become better 5 a side players as well.

Improves a players overall fitness

It has been proven and shown statistically that in comparison towards the people who jog on a regular basis, playing 5 a Side football for an hour can have more of a beneficial effect on the rate of blood pressure, the level of cholesterol, and has become more helpful on the aid of losing weight than jogging has. This is due to the fact of the statistics of the distance covered from playing a 5 a side match, and matching it with the use of an 11 a side. Those studies show that there is a 2.5% higher rate of playing football intensely on a 5 a side pitch, than an 11 a side pitch, so it can be used not just for the improvement for a footballer but for personal reasons as well.

The Mental Side

Improves Concentration

How many times have you seen your average Sunday league left back drift off after recovering from his hangover last night? One of the biggest advantages of being in a 5 a side match is based upon the fact that there is no hiding, and 5 a side football makes you aware of that, helping you to stay alert for all of what is going on around the pitch, which can also be a fairly handy trait when you step onto a full size football pitch.

Improves Confidence & Self Esteem

This is something that is beneficial both on and off the football pitch. this is one that helps to go both ways, it can either be better for a players communication with his team and even develop a bit of leadership because of how everyone would be engaged, or it could help you meet new people and characters. Either way, this is a form of a mental state that has been solved by having a weekly routine of a 5 a side match and is proven to make coping with depression a lot easier.


5 a side may not be as technically demanding as a futsal game due to certain speculations and rules, but i do personally enjoy playing the game. It has also help me get through my own depression as a teenager and given me the ability of living a stress free life, so i am also speaking from experience on what 5 a side has given me.

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