Top 5 Attacking Strategies for Futsal

We are all aware of the simple game that football and futsal is, but in the legendary Johan Cruyff described, it is hard to play the game in a simple fashion. This is where the Futsal tactics come into place, and that’s how you can use this blog. The next 5 attacking tactics have been used by me and by other people and experts to use to aid their 5 a side game to the best.

  • Spread your wings

This is the point that relates towards the point the a team would need to make sure that the wide man that would be in charge of the midfield on the sides, will need to make sure that they stay on the sides. This is a basic rule, yet some players still don’t manage to fully apply it when they are on the pitch. This helps the team have more passing options and give a team more dimension on how they would want to play.

  • Move to the Defenders

Now that we have covered the basics, the next tip that i will pick up is the use of attacking and running at players. The reason for why this is important is because it helps you to create space and passing options for yourself. This can be done through using your speed, skill technique or all of them, but in my opinion, there are different ways which are appropriate to beating certain individuals on any pitch.

  • 3 Seconds

The 3 seconds rule helps to cover the rule of what players should do when they don’t have the ball, helping to create a constant atmosphere of intensity. The 3 seconds rule consists of players not being allowed to stay in the same place when they don’t have the ball for more than 3 seconds. This is the rule that makes you have the ball more and helps to develop the setup of having the ball for 90% of a futsal game.

  • Fakes, Lies and Moves

Futsal also has a huge emphasis on the types of movements that are needed to succeed in the game. This is something that is and can also be used in football matches,which makes the sport fairly special. The fake movement that you should try and make would be going on the outside, where the marker would see you, cutting on the inside, then quickly asking for the ball when you have lied to your defender. This is a basic yet effective way of catching your marker off guard and teaches you the best movement on how to make space for yourself and receive the ball as well.

  • Generosity

This is arguably the most important point to make that applies to almost every team sport. Putting your teammates needs ahead of your own is a great mentality to have and brings out the best in you and your teammates as well. The way in which you can do this is through the use of practising your accuracy, and communicating with your teammates on how they want the ball, which can lead towards better counterattacks and link up play as well.

So here is my list, where’s yours make sure you leave your opinions in the comments below.

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